Outstanding List of Dissertation Topics

In the course of pursuing higher education certification, students are normally required to write a dissertation as a part of the curriculum. These types of papers are generally longer than typical essays and require lots of research in order to be considered a great paper. While this can seem intimidating to many, observing a certain guideline can immensely aid you in writing an exceptional piece.

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic is one of the most important considerations when faced with the task of writing a one. The following is a simple yet powerful guideline to help you choose the most appropriate topic.


Many students believe that they’ve to develop a new dissertation theme that’s totally unexplored. While this is a great approach, in most cases, there are very few areas that are unexplored. However, a good alternative would be to focus on a different angle of that particular subject, thus giving a fresh perspective.

Interesting Subject

One of the most vital factors you should consider when choosing a topic is working on something that excites you. This will make your research process easy and you’ll be able to complete your assignment within a short period of time.

Examples of Dissertation Topic

When choosing a topic for your dissertation, it’s a good idea to select one that’s related to your field of study. For example, if your study medicine, choose a theme that's within the boundaries of that field. To help you get your project off the ground, here’s a list of topics to help you get started.

Business and Administration Topics

  • What are the modern techniques of financial accounting?
  • The impact of income tax on small businesses
  • What are the effects of globalization on small businesses?
  • How can clientele relationships be managed in the financial section?
  • What’s the impact of reward systems on the performance of employees?
  • What is the importance of robots in the manufacturing industries?
  • Distinguish between traditional businesses and ecommerce ventures
  • Pros and cons of online marketing

Medicine Topics

  • What are the best ways to treat injured patients who also have diabetes? 
  • What are the measures that can be put in place to help nurses from experiencing burn out?
  • What strategies can be put in place to help treat victims with acute pains
  • What are the methods to treat infectious cysts?
  • Should victims suffering from cardiovascular diseases use painkillers?
  • Can bhang be used to prevent cancer?
  • What are the Impacts of Medical tourism?
  • Should public healthcare systems be budgeted?

Economics Topics

  • Do you think branding affects consumers’ decisions?
  • What are the ways in which credit programs affect small businesses?
  • What's the responsibility of the world bank in the entire world’s economy?
  • Impacts of the Greek business recession
  • What is the economic effect of bhang legalization in Canada?


A good dissertation theme should be wide enough to give you the liberty of broadly tackling the subject. For this reason, it’s always advisable to do the feasibility of a topic before settling for it. If you encounter any difficulty, using the strategies outlined above will greatly help you.