What It Takes To Write A Masters Dissertation?

Writing the Master’s thesis literature review chapter is an integral part of this project. It is one of the major sections where you should put more effort. This is the section where you provide an in-depth analysis of the literature that supports your study. The content of the literature review section will help you determine the most suitable research techniques to undertake towards fulfilling the objectives of your study.

To craft a good literature review for Masters by dissertation, know what to include on this chapter. Also know how to present your ideas. Here’s a quick guide on how to proceed with writing the literature review for your Master’s thesis.

Know What to Include in Literature Review

The first step in writing literature review for a dissertation paper is to understand its contents. Generally, there are several things that should be discussed in this section. However, the here are some of the main items that you are required to cover in the literature review of a Master’s dissertation example.

  • An overview of the issue, theory or subject of research
  • Concepts in support or against your argument
  • A link between previous studies and your intended study
  • Conclusions on particular works that have made significant contribution to your understanding and motivation of the research topic.

Assessing Content for Masters Degree Dissertation Literature Review

While you may have already identified the ideas and points to address in the literature review, don’t just jump into writing them down. It’s important that you undertake a critical analysis of all points to ensure that the argument tabled therein is solid. When assessing the works to include in your literature review, consider the following:

  • Qualifications or credentials of the author to make the claims presented in their works.
  • Whether the author’s arguments were biased or neutral
  • The credibility of the authors’ theses
  • Whether the conclusions drawn by the authors add value to your own

Besides the points listed above, consider the recommended Master’s thesis length since it will determine how far you can go when writing the literature review chapter.

Presenting Evidence

After refining your points for the literature review, make sure that you present them in a logical manner that readers can follow without difficulties. When presenting evidence on the literature review section for dissertation for Masters Degree, use reporting verbs. Use them to show positive, neutral, tentative and critical assessment of the works. However, put more emphasis on quoting the most relevant sources in the context of your study.

By implementing these tips, you will find writing an outstanding literature review section relatively easier. If you need more insights into literature review writing, refer to a well written Masters Dissertation proposal sample.